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A minister has advocated a “back to basics” approach regarding schools. Unfortunately, she did not follow through, and her liberal successors even less so.

Cornerstone of our position: there cannot be equal opportunities for ALL children, whatever their social background, whatever the country of origin, if we do not offer a high quality public school.

In the past, a Luxembourg “classical baccalaureate” was well renowned in all universities abroad: successive ministers since Fernand BODEN (himself included) destroyed it, with “compensations” for “equivalences” until what is now considered “the bac for all”; all this results in a disaster for our children!

Rather than proposing egalitarianism, we will commit to valuing education in its entirety! We need well-trained people in construction, crafts, office, accounting, IT, financial compliance, we need journalists, writers and even politicians, we need academics in all fields, people who create and run businesses! We need them ALL and EACH OF THEM is important! We don't need misfits but well-trained people in all fields, according to talent, according to personal preferences, according to their desire (yes, desire; we work to live, not the other way around)

Everyone deserves respect for what they have learned, what they know how to do, what they can accomplish.




If we apply this basic principle, we can therefore affirm, without ideological affiliation, that everyone must receive the optimal education they need for their profession, their life, their future!

This is one of the few basic skills entrusted to the state and on which it is failing today!

Another point is the lack of respect that can be seen today: it is not possible for teachers to be exposed to attacks by lawyers; a conciliation body, national and independent, must be created to solve the problems. Schools should have nothing to do with the courts!

We are against the idea of “forced integration” through our language. Anyone who wants to learn it can learn it. It isn’t an obligation!

It should not be compulsory to learn our language in nurseries or schools.

We are committed to international schools and international programs in public schools.


We naturally remain faithful to our language and want it to be used much more in the public space! It's a shame that our national football stadium has a dull and tasteless French name, "Stade de Luxembourg".

This proves that some people have a lack of creativity and sensitivity!




It goes without saying that every street, every place, every institution, every administration, every cultural place has a Luxembourgish name.

"Cité de la Sécurité Sociale" is, for example, in our opinion, an impossible name for a place where all the government administrations in charge of social security meet.

It's sad to have to say that...

On the other hand, we are also clearly in favour of the recognition of English as an additional official language. If we recognize German and French, we might as well do the same with English, the language most spoken by new citizens!

Culture and the preservation of historical heritage must become a top priority: this is again one of the fundamental tasks of the state that could be handled more effectively!

Rather than grandiose film projects that cost a fortune, we should promote theatres, music, museums, exhibitions, monuments and historic buildings at the local, regional and national levels!

This is an integration policy (unlike cancel culture), which is also beneficial for our tourism!

A particular concern for us is to encourage young people to read again. Nothing can replace that...




This is why we are also against what is known as “cancel culture”: our history is our history! With all its positives and negatives. Simply “disappearing” or “crossing out” people or periods only makes us more stupid!

The character of Winnetou accompanied us in our youth. In no case did we intend to defame “the Indian” (native American), quite the contrary: he was and remains a hero for us!

We should never be allowed to rewrite or “erase” human history: everything we have, are and think comes from our history!

It is legitimate to criticize history, but banning books or films is not the right solution!

The whole “woke” movement is toxic and dangerous! Freedom of expression, free discussion, free access to historical facts, books and films are vital.

This is why we do not want an obligation to use “genres”, nor a glorification of individual orientations: everyone is free to say, write, read, live what they want. The only limit is not to impose this on your fellow citizens!

This of course applies particularly to our children: no child should be exposed to “early sexualisation”, for whatever reason! All ideological currents should stay out of schools!

All hands clean
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