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You will not be surprised that we ask above all that the patient has the right to self-determination with regard to his health. It cannot be that treatments are not only not paid for by our Health Fund, but even prohibited.

It is not possible for doctors to be prosecuted because they treated their patients to the best of their knowledge and conscience!

It is not possible for politics to dictate to a physician what he may or may not do in the interest of his patient.

This is symptomatic of state medicine.

Our healthcare system is NOT good! Regardless of what others say: we know this from our own experience...

If “flu C” succeeded in almost collapsing our hospital system (cancelled operations, etc.) then it is proof, on the one hand of the precariousness of our system and, on the other hand, that the constant reduction in number of beds in relation to the evolution of the population was a mistake.

Extremely long waiting times - even in extremely important and urgent cases (emergencies, MRI scans, etc.) are as usual as they are unacceptable!

Only a strengthening of liberally practiced medicine guarantees that we will once again have enough doctors (and that with an EU-wide shortage!) who practice liberally, from general practitioners to internists, to specialists.




The socialist idea of the planned economy and nationalization leads de facto to the shortage of doctors that we already know today.

Hospitals, Medical Centres, children's clinics and maternity wards must exist throughout the country. Today, everywhere in the country, there is a shortage.

There is also an urgent need to strengthen alternative medicine. So far there have been promises, but almost no implementation. A serious bridge between “school” medicine and “alternative” medicine must be built.

Thanks to Dr. Colombera (it's good that sometimes people sit in the Chamber who know something...) we have the possibility of being prescribed medicines based on medicinal cannabis. But having to visit a hospital pharmacy to acquire them is insane.

Doctors must also have the possibility of creating new structures outside the hospital sector (such as the MRI in Potaschberg).

The planned economy always leads to an economy of scarcity!

It is the AAMD that must be criticized - contrary to all ethical standards - for advocating a “vaccination obligation” (with an experimental substance which has never been a vaccine). But beyond that, it offers valid proposals for maintaining the functioning of our health system.

Otherwise, our socialist policy will get the opposite of what it apparently wants (no two-class society): people who can afford it will be well and quickly cared for abroad; here at home, health care is the same for everyone: unfortunately bad.

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