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Firstly, it should be noted that the Ministry of Police has repeatedly lamented that there are not enough police officers. We doubt the veracity of these remarks.

We believe that many resources are wasted on unnecessary administrative work, senseless pursuits, superfluous tasks.

The police must act as a priority where it counts: on the “hot spots” of crime!

Citizens (men or women, young or old) must be able to move freely, at any time, anywhere in the country, without having to fear attacks, stabbings or physical violence.

It is not possible that today people are asked not to be on the road at certain times, to avoid places where women would be better off staying at home.

Even in broad daylight, people are attacked, robbed, injured.

This should not be the case!

The police must have a much greater presence on the ground! We need decentralized police stations, staffed 24/7




The police must have a clear list of priorities: a concrete presence, prevention and intervention are on the agenda!

Of course, social workers such as “street workers” should also be trained as a preventative measure. But at the end of the day, it’s important to confront the culprits!

We are not against camera surveillance as long as it is clearly established that it is used only for the purpose of detecting drug-related crimes and violent crimes and not to spy on citizens.

Begging​​ in groups is particularly perfidious, in which elderly and disabled people are exploited to collect money for the mafia boss behind these gangs. This is the worst form of human trafficking which must be subject to strict and consistent prosecution. The fact that the bosses sit in the border zone, often in areas where the respective local police do not dare to go, should not be a free pass for these shameful practices.

During the protests against government measures, the Minister of Police has impressively demonstrated how quickly a wave of law enforcement can be mobilized. This should exactly be the case against genuine crime.

In this way, the police apparatus also gains the respect it deserves as the protector of the citizen and not as its enemy.

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