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Today, unfortunately, almost all businesses feel that they are victims of controls and sanctions rather than being an important and valued part of our society, generating jobs and prosperity.

How can you not lose the desire to create or run a business in such conditions?

You hire a foreigner holding a residence permit and you officially register him with the CCSS. Despite this, a search by Labour and Mines is accompanied by a fine of EUR 2,500 because this person “did not have a work permit”. Why is someone who lives here legally not allowed to work, earn money and pay taxes?

Businesses really don't get much help... It would therefore be important to have a central point at the level of the administration, allowing each new company to be positively and proactively helped to navigate the maze of authorizations and regulations.

The saddest thing that happened over the last 30 to 40 years is that CRAFTS were no longer respected and valued! How many people who had the talent to become good craftsmen are today employed in monotonous positions instead of using their talent with joy, and for the good of people?

We must once again have more respect for people who have learned a trade, achieved something, in addition to creating jobs...




For the self-employed, it is unacceptable that even today, they are still treated in a discriminatory manner compared to other people. The Gambia I coalition clearly declared back in 2013, on page 54 of its government agreement:

“[i]n order to promote entrepreneurship, the government will create an independent status offering social rights equivalent to those of employees.”

Quite a lure! Even ten years later, this simple promise has not been kept. Why? Such discrimination cannot be justified...

We will put an end to it! In a rapid and radical way!

Furthermore, it is also unacceptable that businessmen who are subject to a “tax adjustment” (rightly or wrongly; there are remedies here), are also criminally prosecuted for “tax offenses”. So obviously, who wouldn't be lazy...

We need a society with entrepreneurs who are NOT lazy, but rather show courage, endurance, creativity, perseverance... Otherwise, our future is bleak.

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