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Some people ask us: “Why do you call yourselves “Liberté – Fräiheet”? After all, we don't live in a dictatorship?”

This is why we explain our understanding of the term “Liberty”, and also our view of society, politics, and the state.

We have seen for many years that our fundamental rights, which are guaranteed by the constitution, can be revoked quickly and in a way that is disproportionate. This has happened in a “sneaky” way and is therefore not always noticed by citizens. Obviously, during the “pandemic”, the propensity of many (almost all) politicians to rule over citizens with very authoritarian measures became particularly evident. But this situation did not start there and moreover did not end with the “declared pandemic”!

In the following chapters, you will find numerous examples.

Here is one: in the Penal Code, there is an article authorizing the public prosecutor to prosecute citizens for their statements on social networks. Initially intended as a weapon against extremists and fascists (who, notably in the 1990s, were handing out leaflets in schools before social media even existed), it quickly spiralled out of control.




Under the label of “hate speech”, it is possible today for citizens to be prosecuted from a purely subjective point of view, by people who do not agree with them, through this text.

For example, it is often difficult, even erroneous, to draw parallels and analogies between contemporary and historical events. Prosecuting individuals as “Holocaust deniers” because they find, in their subjectivity, that certain methods employed by the state today resemble those of the Nazis and the Gestapo is definitely missing the goal. Here, the right to freedom of expression is clearly threatened.

Therefore, our FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS should only be limited in very rare instances, and this again with the greatest respect for proportionality. All deputies and all citizens should be able to appeal to our CONSTITUTIONAL COURT if they believe that PROPORTIONALITY has not been respected.




In general, we want much more INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY:

Our personal decisions should be limited as little as possible by the state, on the contrary, they should be respected. Hundreds of prohibitions and regulations are excessive, unnecessary, and only prevent people from living freely, both in the private and professional spheres. We will cite relevant examples in the chapters that follow.

The STATE is simply too big, too expensive, and intrusive. Growing bureaucracy paralyzes life and leads to less initiative, less entrepreneurship, less public engagement, and therefore more taxes. Here, too, we have some very concrete ideas.

Our conception of freedom also includes DIRECT DEMOCRACY: we should ask citizens much more often, and systematically, for the approval or rejection of bills or important initiatives on the part of a government only indirectly elected.




The ideology of prohibition, infantilizing treatment of the people, dirigiste laws, “all criminal” in almost all laws, all this represents the death of a free, satisfied and happy society.

We will oppose all these ideologies always and everywhere. Without hesitation, and without reservations!

In our eyes, SELF-DETERMINATION, the free choice between various options, is the cornerstone of a free and healthy society.

Liberty and equality are absolutely not mutually exclusive! On the contrary, the same starting possibilities for each child are particularly important to us, as is the equal treatment of ALL citizens.

Liberty is liberty! And it is the most important thing we have!

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